What is APDiT?

APDiT is an international and multidisciplinary research group which is a research initiative of Malesela John Lamola in the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Johannesburg. It incubates and curates research outputs from a network of researchers on the nexus of African knowledge systems, decolonial epistemological tradition, and the ramifications of technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

  • extending the discourse on the impact of the 4IR on Africa beyond the ethical-humanist issues into the socio-ontological frontier that grapples with the self-imagination of Africans in the Information Age, and the culturo-economic sovereignty of Africa in the emerging global asymmetries of digital power.
  • advancing productive research on the epistemological question of relations between Science as an arbiter on the quality of knowledge and African indigenous epistemologies.
  • fostering the production of an  African Philosophy of Technology in the context of comparative methodologies in social science and philosophy.
  • synthesising a critical post/anticolonial philosophy of economics into an examination of the global status of Africa in the production, distribution and consumption of ICT.